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Activist pushes for land rights agenda in elections [India]

We are sharing with you an article on PV Rajagopal of Ekta Parishad, and the strides they are making in influencing the land reform agenda. Moreover, Ekta Parishad is organising a dialogue from 14 to 20 December during the winter parliament in India to motivate government to take concrete steps towards land reforms and Homestead Act implementation.  # 

Ekta Parishad organizes consultations on draft National Land Reforms Policy

Ekta Parishad, along with PACS-DFID, has organized civil society and media consultations to formulate responses to the new National Land Reforms Policy Draft that has been posted on the Government of India official Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) website for the purpose of receiving public responses by way of suggestions/comments/observations etc.

The National Land Reforms Task Force (NLRTF) was formed under the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India in October 2012 after the government signed a contract with Jansatyagraha 2012 led by Ekta Parishad. This civil society movement succeeded in pressuring the government to seriously and realistically take up the work of formulating a land reforms policy at the national level. Subsequently, the NLRTF took up the task of formulating this policy with the involvement of civil society members within the Task Force.

A draft of this land reforms policy is now on government websites inviting comments, suggestions, amendments and feedback before it gets a final shape. The deadline for public and civil society responses has been moved from 26 August to 30 August 2013. So far, CSOs in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have responded with positive feedback and amendment suggestions.

It is in this context that Ekta Parishad organized multi-stakeholder consultations of civil society members in Ranchi and Patna last 24 and 25 August. Through the consultations, CSOs can understand and formulate a collective response to the draft policy. As a part of the task force work, “advisories” were issued to states through the MoRD that the state governments have not taken any serious steps to implement. 

UPA prepares a pro-poor National Land Reform Policy

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is preparing a National Land Reform Policy in favor of the poor and landless. This policy would support land rights of different marginalized groups: nomadic tribes, Scheduled Tribes landless families, and women. This is the result of the pressure from land rights activists in India. Last October 2012, Ekta Parishad organized Jan Satyagraha, a non-violent foot march, where some 100,000 landless and poor people demanded government to implement land reforms. Land rights advocates are hoping for the actual unveiling of this policy, as well as the passage of the long-awaiting land acquisition bill (to supersede the highly outdated 1894 Land Acquisition Act) and the food security bill.


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Indian tribals enter their land

by Ekta Parishad, Land Watch Asia member, India

Madhya Pradesh, India — After eight years of struggle, 41 out of 94 small land owners from Lahroni village of Karahal Block, Sheopur District managed to get their land demarcated this February 2011. Demarcation is going on for the other lands.

The case goes back to 2003, when 94 families (74 tribals and 20 dalits beneficiaries) of Lahroni village were given pattas( land entitlements) by the Madhya Pradesh government. These families were given only the entitlement papers but not the physical possession of the land. It was also not yet demarcated.

The total area of land is 130 hectares. There were also six beneficiaries of Bhoodan Land (donated land collected by Eminent leader Vinoba Bhave), who have entitlement papers since 1990, but not land possession. The people had land documents in their hands but did not know where their lands were. After lobbying the local Patwari (revenue employee) showed them the land but it was still not demarcated. They found that their land was already occupied by non-tribal peoples from outside Madhya Pradesh. Read the rest of this entry

2 New publications from Land Watch partners in India and Cambodia

“Landlessness and Social Justice: An assessment of Disparities in Land Distribution and Prospects of Land Reforms”

This is the result of a joint initiative of Ekta Parishad and the Institute for Participatory Practices (PRAXIS), which facilitated a land mapping process in five districts of Bihar, India.

Securing the Right to Land in Cambodia (in Khmer)

Star Kampuchea publishes its country paper on access to land in Cambodia in Khmer to share the information more widely especially in the rural areas. The paper was originally part of the Land Watch Asia regional book entitled “Securing the Right to Land” that features an overview of the state of access to land in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines.

Khmer Securing Land Rights paper

Jan Satyagraha Updates from Ekta Parishad (India)

Jan Satyagraha News, March 2010

In this issue…


  • Ekta Parishad celebrates International Women’s Day
  • KGNS: 25 years in the heart of Kerala
  • Kerala: youth camp and foot march for the rights of the landless people
  • Ekta Media – Center for Development and Communication


  • Preparing Jansatyagraha 2012 (JS2012)
  • Madras Café, mixing Indian gastronomy and solidarity


  • Calendar of the next foot marches and youth camp