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OXFAM releases new Land Grabs report

Oxfam released in September 2011, a major new report on land grabs, the first kick off of the GROW campaign globally after the launch in June.  The paper highlights the growing scandal surrounding the new wave of investments in land.

According to data compiled by the International Land Partnership (composed of Oxfam, GIZ, Land Coalition and others), 227 million hectares of land have been leased or sold worldwide since 2001, putting on the line the lives and livelihood of poor people across the globe.

To get an overview or download the paper, please click on the link below:

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The paper and video can be freely shared/posted.

Updates from Community Self Reliance Center- Nepal (Nov – Dec 2009)

Land Rights Movement Monthly Update –Mangsir, 2066
(16th November-15th December 2009)
featuring articles on the 1) Declaration of Ukhada Movement in Bhairawa; 2) Farmers of Sindhupalchowk protest for their rights on land; 3) Regional conference for women’s rights on land; 4) Cycle rally in Bardiya; 5) Frontline leaders gathering in Kanchanpur and Baitadi; and more.

CSRC Nov-Dec09_E_Bulletin English

2 New publications from Land Watch partners in India and Cambodia

“Landlessness and Social Justice: An assessment of Disparities in Land Distribution and Prospects of Land Reforms”

This is the result of a joint initiative of Ekta Parishad and the Institute for Participatory Practices (PRAXIS), which facilitated a land mapping process in five districts of Bihar, India.

Securing the Right to Land in Cambodia (in Khmer)

Star Kampuchea publishes its country paper on access to land in Cambodia in Khmer to share the information more widely especially in the rural areas. The paper was originally part of the Land Watch Asia regional book entitled “Securing the Right to Land” that features an overview of the state of access to land in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines.

Khmer Securing Land Rights paper

Interactive forum on land rights, natural resource management held by Rights-LINK Lao Project

The Rights-LINK Lao Project recently hosted an interactive day to learn, discuss and network on Land Use, Rights and Natural Resource Management last April 30 at the new Rights-LINK Resource Centre in Sisattanak District in Lao PDR.

Throughout the day, documentaries, photo exhibitions, and even a theater play were prepared by Rights-Link to evoke discussion on the topic of Land use and natural management.

For more information please feel free to contact:

Email: or

Telephone: 021 312 519


Land Rights: Challenges at the Nexus of Violent Conflicts and Environmental Degradation

by Bruce H. Moore

After years of being at the margins of the development debate, land policy
and resource rights are receiving increased attention. Whereas previously
land tenure was seen primarily as a call for social justice, today land tenure
and pro-poor land governance are seen as being also at the nexus of current
economic, political and social challenges, including conflicts over access to
natural resources and progress in implementing peace accords.

For full paper click PearsonPapersVol12_WEB.

Originally published in the  Pearson Papers, Volume 12, 2009, Environmental considerations for building peace / Ann Livingstone, editor; Kristine St-Pierre, managing editor. (The Pearson papers ; vol. 12, 2009)
Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 978-1-896551-77-7

Review of the Subic Meeting

During the Land Watch Asia strategic planning meeting in Tagaytay, Andrew Fuys (ILC) led a review of the issues and concerns on land access raised during a regional meetign in Subic in October 2006. For the full documentation of the Subic meeting, click here.