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NES Cambodia Consultative Meeting

We are posting this news shared by STAR Kampuchea.

STAR Kampuchea together with other International Land Coalition – National Engagement Strategy (ILC NES) members and relevant stakeholders conducted a consultative meeting on land and agriculture land use in Phnom Penh.

The meeting aimed to:

  1. discuss progress and challenges of land governance in Cambodia;
  2. discuss agricultural land use and management; and
  3. discuss progress and challenges of NES project and planning for 2016-2018

The meeting concluded with the following agreements:

  1. bring the draft law on Agricultural Land Use and Management for consultation; and
  2. develop NES Cambodia Plan for 2016-2018

Land Watch Asia Planning Meeting: Land Monitoring 2014

Participants of the Land Watch Asia Planning Meeting

Participants of the Land Watch Asia Planning Meeting

Land Watch Asia partners met last 15 September at the Frangipani Living Arts Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to push forward the land reform monitoring initiative, this time taking on a different approach – by exploring collaboration with academic and research institutions to strengthen the credibility of advocacy work, and expand learning opportunities from monitoring together. At the meeting, partners from Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nepal, committed to monitoring in 2014, which will generally focus on land conflicts and land grabbing.

The Land Watch Asia campaign’s Land Reform Initiative was launched in 2010, to develop CSOs’ capacities in undertaking monitoring of land tenure and access to land; and to strengthen CSOs’ evidence-based advocacy. Since then, LWA partners in seven countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines) have used indicators on land disputes and evictions, land grabbing, landownership, tenancy, budgets on land reform, and land-related policies.

For more information on the land reform monitoring initiative, please refer to: CSO Land Reform Monitoring in Asia (2012) or kindly contact

Review of the Subic Meeting

During the Land Watch Asia strategic planning meeting in Tagaytay, Andrew Fuys (ILC) led a review of the issues and concerns on land access raised during a regional meetign in Subic in October 2006. For the full documentation of the Subic meeting, click here.

Inputs to the Country Study Outline

Shortly after the proposed country outline study was presented by Tony Quizon (ANGOC/ CAARD), a workshop was held, grouping the participants into two: South East Asia and South Asia. Below are their feedback. The final version of the country study outline was produced before the strategic planning meeting ended on March 29, 2007.

South East Asia

South Asia 

Alyansa Tigil Mina: Mining in the Philippines

Jayvee Gargenerra provided an overview of mining policies and operations in the Philippines. Given the oft-ignored threats of mining both to humans and the environment, Phildhrra has organised and sustained an anti-mining campaign. Alyansa Tigil Mina brings together farmers, environmentalist, indigenous peoples and other advocates, calling an end to an unacceptable industry.  

India Country Report

India-Ekta Parishad

Philippine Country Report


Cambodia Country Report

Cambodia-Star Kampuchea

Bangladesh Country Report


Country Study Outline

This is the final version of the Country Study Outline for the research papers which will be produced out of the Land Watch Campaign. This document was discussed in strategy meeting where focal points for each of the 6 countries:Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines.

Country Study Outline