A Regional Planning Meeting
28-30 March 2007, Hotel Dominique, Tagatay City, Philippines


In October 2006, the International Land Coalition (ILC), together with the Consortium of Agrarian Reform (KPA) and the Asian NGO Coalition for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (ANGOC) organized a regional meeting to analyze the current trends on access to land and agrarian reform in the region, and to identify major areas of interventions to address such gaps.

After the presentation and discussion of country reports and case studies, and consideration of priority issues and key actors, participants discussed what should be ILC’s main objectives in two of its existing work areas: (a) capacity-building and coalition strengthening, and (b) policy, advocacy and monitoring. This discussion yielded two main strategic areas in which ILC should focus efforts with the network in Asia. In reference to the second area, the participants defined ILC’s main objectives as follows:

  • Influence formulation of laws and policies that can support land access; resist those which are hostile to people’s land rights and agrarian reform
  • Increase effectiveness of implementation, where laws and policies provide for more secure land rights
  • Build support for land access at multiple levels (i.e., linking national-regional-global efforts) and among multiple stakeholders

In November 2006, during the Council Meeting of ILC, KPA and ANGOC representatives provided an overview of the outputs of the Asian regional meeting. The need for Land Watch has been re-affirmed by the Council Members, and was identified as one of the priority areas of ILC’s strategic plan for the next four years.

On the other hand, ANGOC is implementing a Land Watch campaign in the Asian region. This initiative aims to establish a platform for generating and sharing knowledge on strategies, approaches and tools to enhance capacities of CSOs in pursuing access to land.

Thus, the ILC global objective of Land Watch and ANGOC’s regional initiative make a perfect fit and complement each other. It is in this context that this regional planning meeting in Asia is being proposed.

Objectives of the Planning-Meeting:

This planning-meeting aims to:

  • Discuss and agree on the campaign strategy and outputs of Land Watch Asia
  • Formulate country and regional actions plans
  • Discuss and agree on the Land Watch platform

See Programme below:

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