2014 CSO Land Reform Monitoring Publication launched!

Book launch

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) conducted a regional multi-stakeholder meeting on Sixth Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-6) on 19-21 October in Jakarta to provide a platform for urban policy actors in the region to discuss emerging and critical urban development issues.

In relation to this forum, ANGOC took the opportunity to launch and promote its new publication, “2014 CSO Land Reform Monitoring: Towards an Accountable Governance on Land,” side-by-side with the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN)’s publication on, “Land Tenure in Asia and the Pacific: Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward.”

The CSO Land Reform Monitoring is an initiative undertaken by the Land Watch Asia (LWA) Campaign and with support of the International Land Coalition (ILC) and Misereor.

The 2014 CSO Land Reform Monitoring Publication is a collection of 2014 CSO land reform monitoring reports on the status of land tenure and access to land from seven Asian countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines). The book also reflects the recent expansion of the monitoring initiative to a ridge-to-reef framework providing a more holistic approach in addressing ancestral lands, rural lands, and marine resource concerns.

Through this knowledge product, ANGOC and LWA hope to contribute to the ongoing discussion on the Post-2015 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The publication will be available in ANGOC website soon.

Don book launching

Launching of the “2014 CSO Land Reform Monitoring: Towards an Accountable Governance on Land.”


A regional NGO association with members and partners from 14 Asian countries working on access to land, agrarian reforms & rural develop

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