Roundtable discussion on land market in Bangladesh

We are sharing this news posted by “The Daily Star” on 27 January.

Participants of the roundtable discussion, "Rural Land Market in Bangladesh: A Situation Analysis." Photo retrieved from

Participants of the roundtable discussion, “Rural Land Market in Bangladesh: A Situation Analysis.” Photo retrieved from

Mr Shamsul Huda of the Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD) participated in a roundtable discussion on Rural Land Market in Bangladesh: A Situation Analysis on 3 December 2014 at the Daily Star Centre. Jointly organized by Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), Uttaran, and CARE Bangladesh with financial support from European Union (EU), the event served as a venue for sharing the preliminary findings of a survey on the exploration of land market in Bangladesh.

Under the EU’s Access to Land Programme, Prof. Abul Barkat led the survey together with the Human Development Resources Centre (HDRC).

Findings reveal that 58.55% of the households are landless in Bangladesh, 48.37% of which are rural households.

Moreover, in the concept of a typical rural land market, lands are transferred through ‘sales market’ (selling and buying activities) or ‘rental market’ (lease-in and lease-out practices). However, land grabbing and land acquisition now become part of the story. Results showed that land loss is more attributed to land grabbing and land acquisition. From the reported 32.1% households who lost their lands, 18.9% were due to land grabbing and 13.2% were due to land acquisition.

Issue on land governance was also raised. According to the discussants, the two types of policy flaws in the country are: (i) existing policy/processes are not pro-poor and (ii) the country lacks any functional land use policy. To address this, participants agreed that digital land record and survey would contribute to better land governance and will be an immediate first step to comprehensive land policy.

As for the land market issue, the concept of ‘land bank’ and ‘optimum use of land’ were explored during the roundtable discussion.


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