Baguilat asserts: It is not the END of CARP on June 30, 2014

Calls on DAR to immediately issue all Notices of Coverage by end of June

24 June 2014

This is a press release from the Philippine House of Representatives Committee on Agrarian Reform and the Office of Rep. Teddy Brawner Baguilat.

“The implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program or CARP as amended WILL CONTINUE after June 30, 2014. CARP lives!” declared Ifugao representative and House Committee on Agrarian Reform Chair Teddy Brawner Baguilat in a Bangsamoro forum yesterday.

“I would like to emphasize to the public that based on Sec. 30 of Republic Act 9700 amending RA 6657, only the issuance of Notices of Coverage (NOCs) by the Department of Agrarian Reform on lands not yet acquired for CARP distribution will stop by July 1, 2014. All other land transfer processes of lands already covered, support services provision and agrarian justice delivery will proceed until finality based on the law,” Baguilat stressed.

NOC issuance starts the process of Land Acquisition and Distribution under the CARP. With the failure of both Houses of Congress to pass a law continuing NOC issuance last June 11, CARP acquisition of lands will stop on July 1.

“However, under Section 30 of RA 9700, any case proceeding which may remain pending on June 30, 2014 shall be allowed to proceed to its finality and be executed beyond such date. Petitions for Coverage from farmers will be considered as ongoing cases,” said Baguilat.

Baguilat co-authored HB 4296 with Coop-NATCCO partylist representative Crescente Paez to propose the extension of NOC issuance to agricultural landholdings not yet placed under the agrarian reform program.

“Malacanang certified the bill as urgent but was still not passed on the last session days due to stiff opposition of representatives from the Visayas and the Makabayan block. But as Chairperson of the House Committee on Agrarian Reform, I am committed to have this bill pass when Congress resumes for the sake of the farmers already awaiting the distribution of those lands,” promised the ifugao solon.

As of May 2014, DAR reported around 5,635 NOCs for 48,344 hectares still need to be prepared while 8,450 NOCs for 40,348 hectares need to be published or delivered to their respective landowners.

“In this regard, I urge DAR Secretary Gil delos Reyes and all DAR personnel to distribute ALL remaining 14,085 NOCs by June 30, 2014. Work triple time if you must. Work hard for the landless farmers who are relying on CARP,” Baguilat appealed.

The House Committee of Agrarian Reform has yet to receive its request from DAR for the latest remaining balance of NOCs still for issuance.

The requested information is needed by the Committee to support HB4296 and Senate Bill 2188 when the second regular session of Congress opens on July 28, 2014 and by the Congressional Oversight Committee on Agrarian Reform (COCAR) in monitoring CARP implementation.



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